Ordinance 3 Firearms
Ordinance 5 Water Conservation
Ordinance 6 Fees for Subdividers & Amendment
Ordinance 7 Subdivision Control
Ordinance 9 Junk Motor Vehicle
Ordinance 10 Sanitary Sewers
Ordinance 11 Regulate Parking
Ordinance 13 Speed of Vessels in Water- McCaslin Lake
Ordinance 14 Public Housing
Ordinance 15 Prohibit Disharge of Storm Water
Ordinance 17 Area Closed to Hunting
Ordinance 18 Basic FIre Control Regulations
Ordinance 19 Electrical Code
Ordinance 21 Fiscal Year Ordinance
Ordinance 22 Prohibit Building on Land Not Serviced by Public Roads
Ordinance 27 Flood Damage Prevention
Ordinance 28-30 Sewer Amendment
Ordinance 29 Cablevision License
Ordinance 30 Fire Prevention
Ordinance 33 Dish Satellite Signal Stations
Ordinance 33-1 Dish Satellite Amendment
Ordinance 34 Regulate the Speed of Vessels- Softwater Lake
Ordinance 35-E Ominbus Nuisance Update
Ordinance 35 F Amend Certain Sections of Omnibus Nuisance To Civil Infractions
Ordinance 37 Regulate the Placement of Mobile Homes
Ordinance 38 Consumtion of Alcoholic Beverages on Township Property
Ordinance 39 Consumers Power Company Electric Franchise
Ordinance 40 Wetlands Ordinance
Ordinance 41 Driveway Culverts
Ordinance 42 Pension Plan
Ordinance 43 Regulations and Procedures for Basic Cable TV Rate Regulation
Ordinance 44 Consumers Power Company Gas Franchise
Ordinance 45 Fees for Fire Services
Ordinance 45-A Collection Fees
Ordinance 46 Erection of Docks
Ordinance 47 Curfew
Ordinance 48 Land Division
Ordinance 48-1 Land Amendments
Ordinance 48-2 Land Amendments
Ordinance 48-3 Land Amendments
Ordinance 48-4 Land Amendments
Ordinance 48-5 Land Amendments
Ordinance 49 Repeal Admin & Punitive Ordinances
Ordinance 51 Board Set Fees & Cost
Ordinance 52 Historical Commision 
Ordinance 52-A Historical Commission Amendment
Ordinance 53 Telecommunication
Ordinance 54 Building Board of Appeals
Ordinance 55 Solicitors/Peddlers
Ordinance 56 Cemetary
Ordinance 56-1 Cemetary Amendment
Ordinance 57-3 Michigan Motor Vehicle
Ordinance 59 Residential Driveways
Ordinance 60 Blight 
Ordinance 61 Floodplain
Ordinance 61 A Amendment to Floodplain
Ordinance 62 Adult Entertainment
Ordinance 63 Open Burning
Ordinance 64 Fireworks
Ordinance65 General Civil Infraction
Ordinance 66 Pleasant View Plat Causeway
Ordinance 67A Motor Carrier
Ordinance 67B Motor Carrier
Ordinance 67C Motor Carrier
Ordinance 68 Regulating The Acceptance of Private Roads
Ordinance 68 Civil Infractions
Ordinance 70 Municipal Civil Infractions and Penalties
Ordinance 71 Repeal Ord. 16-6,16-8,16-9 Replace the Construction Code
Ordinance 72 Ordinance Adopting 2015 Property Maintenance Code
Ordinance 73 Ordinance Designating Ordinances to Municipal Civil Infractions
Ordinance 74 County Sewer Ordinance
Ordinance 75 Sanitary Sewer Use Ordinance