What is a Site Security Survey?
The department offers a free security survey to all Argentine Township residents and business owners. Officers will inspect, on request, homes, businesses, churches and schools and make recommendations about security. Officers survey the physical aspects of the property, including doors, windows, lighting and landscaping. They also evaluate the operational practices of businesses. Areas of potential concern may be money handling procedures or key control, and security practices in general.

    A security survey is a process in which the citizens and officer interact. The officer walks the individual through the home or business, notes problems and suggests options to correct them. The goal is to make people more aware of their individual property and encourage them to plan ahead, so they are not easy targets.

How do I request a FREE Site Security Survey?

Simply complete the short form below, and we will contact you to set up a convenient time for us to visit your location. We suggest having items like passcodes, maps and site plans ready and accessible for the Crime Prevention Officers. Also, we suggest limiting employees involved to those who make decisions and have access to sensitive information. 

What are some common issues the Crime Prevention Officers identify?

There are always ways to better secure your business or home. Our officers will identify simple fixes that you can make on your own, such as heavier-duty screws and hinges, locks, cameras etc.