In an effort to help our residents more efficiently, we have added these Frequently Asked Questions. The most common questions we receive are listed here for your convenience!

What are the police department's hours?

How do I get additional traffic enforcement in my neighborhood?

Do I (or someone I know) have a warrant?

How do I register a handgun?

I locked my keys in my vehicle. Can you unlock them?

I have rented a room to someone, or had a friend live/stay with me. I want them out of my house. Can you make them leave?

Can I obtain a background check on someone?

I have a child custody agreement with my former spouse and they didn't make the scheduled time. What do I do?

Can the police serve documents for me?

How do I request a free security survey for my home or business?

Can I use the police lobby or parking lot to conduct a transaction such as a Craigslist purchase or custody transfer?

Can I have the Police Department check my house while I am on vacation or out of town?